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Natural Travertine Stone Supplier In Auckland NZ

Natural Travertine Stone Supplier In Auckland NZ

Porcelain tile that looks like travertine. Very popular in the construction industry since Great roaman empire times, It is a limestone which can be found in many parts of Italy,

Porcelain tile that looks and gives us a Impression like travertine.we can find these magnificent products ranging from shades of milky white to pale brown, with yellow or reddish veins.

Despite its pure elegance, travertine is full of porous , it may or can have scratches and scoring; further, it may absorb liquids, which could lead to stains and ring marks under certain conditions.

These fragile behaviours have contributed to the success of travertine-look porcelain tiles, a particular type of ceramic tile that replicates its appearance. These are made from a blend of clays and baked at a temperature of approximately 1200 °C, porcelain Tiles are the perfect solution to enjoy the Luxury of travertine without the inconvenience of the natural stone.

Travertine-look porcelain floor tile

Porcelain Tile is a non-absorbent,Maintenance free, which is compact and offers superior technical features, owing to its structure due to the high firing temperatures. It resembles for its superior hardness and resistance to wear, scratches and stresses. These tiles also prove particularly resistant to stains and chemicals.

The advantages of travertine-look Tiles are not limited to its technical properties. Unlike natural stones, it does not require special care or any special maintenance and it retains its features unchanged over time. It is also pretty economical savings in terms of money, which is no other aspect that may concern you for both the cost of the material and of its installation.

Travertine-look tiles can be used for floors and walls in both residential and commercial projects. The timeless Beauty of travertine blends in with settings with a classical taste and also to a modern soul, creating memorable venues when used in combination with materials such as the wood-look slabs. The properties of Travertine Porcelain tile make it an excellent material for outdoor applications as well, since it boasts a low water absorption rate.


The Best porcelain stoneware that looks like Travertine
Zodiac Tiling offers an extensive range of porcelain and Ceramic Travertine look tile solutions dedicated to art of the world design. They are Elegant and original collections, with combinations devised to mesmerise, which symbolizes and witnesses to the dynamism and creativity of the very best .

The travertine-look porcelain slabs reproduce the rock in its natural colours and variations in shades, with very light veins mixed with more pronounced ones. The polished finish emphasises the colours and lends the tiles a particular sheen.

Travertine-look porcelain Tiles dimensions and sizes
A classical style revisited with a modern Idea, Zodiacs travertine-look porcelain stoneware tiles are available in various sizes and thicknesses.the classic 60×60 cm and 60×30 cm, We have also large sizes (120×278, 120×240, 75×150 and 120×120 cm): versatile slabs which enhance the appeal of the structural features of stone and accommodate the creativity of architects and designers.

Specifically, we have also 120×278 cm size which is the ideal product for application on large-size walls and floors, thereby allowing a significant reduction in joints along the surfaces. We not only offer various sizes, but also have several thicknesses: 6, 9, 9.5 and 20 mm. This result was obtained thanks to incessant research and targeted investments.

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